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Crew Visa C1/D

How can apply this type of visa?

If you are working on smaller ships or private yachts, you should also apply for a business visa B1

If you want to take a holiday after a working on a ship whilst in the United States, in addition to this C1/D visa, you should apply for a visitor visa B2.

For further information please contact our office.

Processing times

Interview slots are allocated by the Consulate in some cases you may have to wait longer than 5 days depending on availability. Please apply no latest than four weeks before you intend to travel.

Processing times_USA


In general, the total price is calculated as follows, the Visas United service fee + consular fees.

The consulate fee is currently about € 152,00 for each person (The fees may vary depending on the rate of exchange).

Visas United processing fee is currently € 299 per person.

The return postage is for 26,00 Euros.



The company Visas United is an Agency that charges a fee to prepare your Visa application. Our company neither belongs to an Embassy, Consulate or any other official government department.

You can also apply for a visa independently. In which case you will be required to pay the consular fees to the consulate. Information about the respective consular fees and further information on independent applications can be found on the official website of the US Embassy.