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Your ETA for Canada

The Canadian government has adjusted the travel provisions and introduced the so-called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for some nationalities which will come into effect from 15.03.2016 onwards. All visa-exempt nationals of the following countries are obliged to apply before departure..

Important: Applicants with criminal records or applicants that have been previously deported or expelled in any country, cannot apply for ETA. Likewise travelers with dual citizenship, so far Canadian and a visa-exempt nationals, require a valid Canadian passport and no ETA. Travelers reach Canada on land or sea, are still allowed to enter without a visa and ETA. The entry requirements for travelers entering by land or Sea remain unchanged.

Explanation and validity of an ETA for Canada

The advantage of the electronic travel authorization is that travelers are checked before leaving for Canada and thus the entry is facilitated. Problems can be solved before you start your journey to ensure that you are not held up unnecessarily.

Once authorized, the entry permit is valid for five years and can used for multiple visits as long as your passport remains valid and the permit has not been revoked or cancelled. Furthermore the Canada ETA is issued in line with the passport therefore if your passport expires or your personal information changes, you must re-apply for a new ETA in line with your new passport.

Apply for your ETA for Canada Safe · Fast · Simple

The Canada ETA can be issued fairly quickly but should be applied for no later than 72 hours before departure.

Our agency specializes in applications for ETA for Canada and look forward to assisting you. There are several advantages of applying through Visas United especially if you are not proficient in English or French or you may not have an email address or a credit card, or do not wish to use your credit card.

In addition, we will have up to date information about changes to legislation available this way you avoid errors, save time and nerves. You can make your payment to us by invoice or cash, if you want to apply in person at our Düsseldorf branch.

Price and processing time

Once your application has been entered the approval normally takes only a few minutes. However in some cases further checks are required by the Citizenship and Immigration Office Canada, which exceed the normal processing time.

If you prefer to come in person feel free to do so our office is centrally located in Dusseldorf and depending on the volume of applications we may be able to apply for your ETA while you wait.

Processing times CAN ETA Canada Travel Authorization apply for

Visas United processing fee is currently 42, 00 EUR per person. The consular fee of the Canadian government is currently EUR 7.00 (** this amount may vary due to the rate of exchange and the foreign transaction fee).

Visas United Service fee + Consulate fee = 20,00 Euros total price **

The service fee includes the translation and entering your application in the system of authorities, the payment of the necessary fees for consultation and sending the travel authorization to the customer via e-mail or in paper form.

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The company Visas United is an Agency that charges a fee to prepare your Visa application. Our company neither belongs to an Embassy, Consulate or any other official government department.

You can also apply for a visa independently. In which case you will be required to pay the consular fees to the consulate. Information about the respective consular fees and further information on independent applications can be found on the official website of the Canadian Consulate.