New YORK Liberty STATUE Your path to a USA visa

Your path to a USA visa

You would like to apply for a visa for the USA.

The country has many different visa categories and is known to have in comparison one of the strictest visa regimes, the visa process can also be time consuming.

Visas United is an agency, providing visa application support which is subject to a service charge. Our company does not belong to a consulate or any other official authorities.

Our service fees include the consulate visa application processing fee plus our consultation/service fee and or any additional services such as special consultations or shipping charges you may request.

You can also apply for a visa directly on the website of the respective consulates, you will then be required to pay the consulate visa application processing fee. (Visa application centre fees are also applicable). The internet addrees of the embassy you will finde at the end of this page.

You will find an overview here of the application process, including instructions on how you can commission Visas United to support you through the application process which is subject to a service charge.

It is best to print out this guide and follow the step by step instructions.

Processing time

Processing time

The total processing time is around three to four weeks.**
We require around 1 week to complete your application before we can contact you to book an appointment.
The average waiting time for an appointment is currently 1 week.
Once you have submitted your application at the Consulate, the processing takes around 7-10 working days (In some cases it may take longer).

** The processing times are only realistic if the invoice is paid immediately after receipt and the visa application forms are complete and returned on time!



To place an order select the menu tab "apply for your visa" select your country followed by the visa category that applies to you.

  • Tourist- and Business Visa / Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA - eligible countries )
  • Transit and Crew Visa
  • Student Visa (I-20 form required)
  • School Exchange visit / Language course (DS-2019 required)


Once you have identified your visa category, complete and sign the saved order form and send it either by post to Grupellostrasse 21, 40210 Düsseldorf or scan the form and email it to Alternatively you may submit your form in person and take advantage of a personal consultation. Please do not send us your passport or any other documents at this stage!

If you send your order form by email you should receive an automatic confirmation of receipt if this is not the case re- send us the document again (The confirmation may have been sent to your spam folder)


Once we receive your order form a consultant will check your request and send you a Preliminary invoice for payment in advance for the processing.

As soon as the payment has been received by us, we will automatically forward you the application package, which includes application forms, information on required documents and further instructions. The package will be sent by email or post as instructed on your order form.


After you have returned the completed application form we will check and translate the information into English and enter the details onto the electronic system of the relevant authority. We will also pay the fees on your behalf.

A consultant will then contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment for your personal appearance at the consulate.

We will send the prepared forms to you by post in time for your appointment at the consulate. If you have any questions at this stage you may contact us.

Important: On receipt of all the documents ensure that you check the information entered is correct.

The application centers are located in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich- appointments are available on weekdays and in the mornings only.


Ensure that you take all the relevant documents with you to your appointment including the confirmation of payment of fees and application forms.

Please note that the processing times may vary with each individual case. The decision to grant a visa can only be decided by the visa officer, Visas United cannot guarantee you a visa.

Please do not make definitive travel plans and purchase any tickets before you get a visa.

For further information please contact us on 0211 936500-0 or via E-Mail
You can also apply directly on the website of the US consulate:

All information provided  is based on information from the respective Consulates. We are unable to provide a guarantee for the Consulate fees and processing times as they  may vary. The consulates reserve the right to update provisions at short notice and in some cases invite the applicant for a personal interview . Additionally the respective consulates will  determine whether a visa is approved. If you send our form by mail, your order is considered to be granted withput a signature.