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    Please contact us · Phone 0211 936 - 5000

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Welcome to Visas United

We welcome you to the Visas United homepage, your partner for UK, USA and many other visas.

The visa application process for both UK and USA is in comparison to other application processes a complicated procedure. With many years of experience our competent team can offer you an excellent service delivering you with latest entry regulations to enable you to take the necessary steps to apply for your visa.

Visas United is an agency, providing visa application support which is subject to a service charge. Our company does not belong to a consulate or any other official authority.

Our service fees include the consulate visa application processing fee plus our consultation/service fee and or any additional services such as special consultations or shipping charges you may request.

You can also apply for a visa directly on the website of the respective consulates, you will then be required to pay the consulate visa application processing fee. (Visa application centre fees are also applicable)

A consultation can be also obtained by phone or by email, feel free to call us

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