Terms and Conditions

1. Services

The services we offer include all the services that are necessary for obtaining visas from foreign missions or other authorities including consultation in passport matters, insofar these do not affect the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany and do not constitute legal advice. The decision to grant a visa or issue a passport is made entirely by the foreign missions, or competent authorities, VISAS UNITED cannot influence this decision. Therefore, the obligation of VISAS UNITED consists exclusively to provide a service. Our service for USA and UK is fulfilled once the prepared documents are collected in person by the customer or delivered via a shipping company. For all other countries Visas United will submit your application the the consulate and once the application has been processed the documents will be returned to the customer via a shipping company or are collected in person by the customer. If the customer fails to provide clear instructions with regard to the service required VISAS UNITED has the discretion to provide a reasonable service, particularly in determining the way the documents are shipped. We are entitled to assign the execution of the contract in whole or in part to third parties. A contract with VISAS UNITED is concluded only when the order has been explicitly accepted. VISAS UNITED reserves the right to refuse orders without notice.

2. Prices and terms of payment

The fee is to be paid for the utilization of our services, the reimbursement of visa and passport fees and other disbursements incurred such as shipping will vary depending on the service and current prices, even if this is not specifically agreed on. The customer is able to inform him/herself of the prices on the website and on the order form and upon request by telephone. VISAS UNITED has the right to return the documents and collect the service and delivery fees by cash on delivery (COD). The customer is obliged to pay VISAS UNITED the full service charge including consulate processing fees and shipping fees also in the case where a visa or passport has not been granted. Counterclaims can only be offset with counterclaims that are undisputed or legally established. The prices of the respective consulates may differ minimally due to the constant adjustment of the rate of exchange.

3. Arrears

Should the customer receive a VISAS UNITED payment reminder and fail to pay it by the given deadline VISAS UNITED reserves the right to send any following reminders with an additional charge of 5.00 Euros for the first reminder and 7.50 Euros for each other reminder. Furthermore VISAS UNITED will charge the default interest rate of 2% above the current German National Bank discount rate.

4. Liability

VISAS UNITED provides all related services within the contract with the diligence of a judicious businessman. Since the decision to grant a visa and or issue a passport rests with the relevant issuing authority VISAS UNITED cannot be held liable for refused applications or incorrectly issued visas. VISAS UNITED shall endeavour to complete the relevant process as soon as possible after receipt of the order. However, VISAS UNITED expressly assumes no liability or guarantee for compliance with any deadlines, irrespective of their significance for an order. The scope of VISAS UNITED is limited to the preparation of all necessary documents for the required visas. A liability for the destruction, damage or delay in delivery of the documents to the customer result to claims against the shipping company. The customer agrees to check the documents for accuracy upon receipt, late complaints cannot be claimed retrospectively. VISAS UNITED is only liable for damages incurred during the execution of the order, if it is proved that the damages were caused by intent and gross negligence by VISAS UNITED. The liability is limited in these cases to a maximum of 500 Euros that (typically expected in this area).

5. Order Cancellation

An order can be cancelled at any time by written notice to VISAS UNITED. In such cases the customer will be issued with an invoice and will bear the costs incurred including shipping. Should the cancellation be made after a consultation in our office on the Grupellostrasse 21 VISAS UNITED will charge the full consultation fee, Visa processing fees that have been forwarded to the foreign mission at this stage cannot be reclaimed.

6. Other Agreements

Agreements and collateral agreements by which these conditions are to be amended or modified, shall be submitted in writing under the German agreement Section §4 AGBG.

7. Jurisdiction

The contract concluded with VISAS UNITED is governed by the law of The Federal Republic of Germany, any enforcement of claims that may arise from this contract are subject to German jurisdiction. Place of jurisdiction for both parties is Dusseldorf.

8. Final provisions

Should individual provisions or identifiable parts of individual provisions prove invalid, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected.

The terms and conditions contained herein represent the legal basis for the provision of our services. By placing an order with VISAS UNITED the customer agrees to these conditions applied in the contract. Other general terms and conditions apply even if not expressly contradicted.

VISAS UNITED has provided you with a translation of the Terms and Conditions from the German language, you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only. Should there be any discrepancies between the German version of the Terms of Use and the translation, the German language version shall take precedence.