Working in England after Brexit

Working in England after Brexit

Since the UK's exit from the EU, rules have changed for working in UK. In order to be allowed to work in the UK after Brexit, EU citizens now require a visa, unless they have already been resident in UK or have worked/studied there before 31 December 2020. You can find out exactly which visa is required and what options are available here. If you would like to enter the UK as a tourist, you can enter visa-free as an EU citizen for up to 6 months after Brexit. You can find more information here! We will inform you about the rules to be observed when entering the country.

Work Permit for UK after Brexit - What You Should Know

A new points-based system has been introduced in the UK which treats EU and non-EU citizens equally. If you would like to work in the UK after Brexit, you must meet certain criteria to obtain a work permit. You must be able to show this permit before you enter the UK.

There are different ways you can enter the United Kingdom to be able to work there even after Brexit. The most important facts are explained below.

Frontier Worker Permit for entry into the UK

If you are an EU citizen and have already worked in the UK before 31/12/2020, you have the possibility to apply for this permit. With this permit, you are qualified to reside in another country and still have access to employment or self-employment in the UK.

Working in the UK as a qualified worker

Also, under the points-based system is the Qualified Worker status. You receive points according to your job, salary, and English language skills. If you receive enough points for this status, you are eligible to continue working in the UK and take up long-term employment.

Working in England with Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer

Employees that have worked for the foreign company for at least 12 months, are qualified to be transferred to work in the UK branch as a long-term employee. Alternatively, if they earn at least £73,900 a year they can also qualify to work under this route.

Working as a Graduate Trainee in the UK

You qualify as a graduate trainee if you have recently obtained a university degree or higher. Additionally, you must have been employed and/or trained by the overseas company for at least 3 months to be eligible to work in the UK.

T5 Temporary Worker Permit

If you wish to take up short-term employment in the UK, you can do so as a temporary worker. There are 5 subcategories here that allow for short periods of work.

Apply for a work permit for UK as a German citizen after Brexit

If you have obtained a work permit for UK after Brexit, i.e. a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), you can easily apply for a visa on your own via a smartphone UKVI app. In doing so, you benefit from a simple application procedure and you save yourself the trip to the visa center. The status of your application can then be viewed at any time via the app and you can use this as an electronic record.

Contact Visas United

You can get more information directly through us, simply contact us at 0211 – 9365000 or You can also find detailed information about the entry requirements for the UK on the British Consulate, or Government page.

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