London Eye Van Der Elst Visa

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Van Der Elst Visa

How can apply this type of visa?

You can apply for this visa if you are travelling to the UK on behalf of your EU employer, this is for craftsmen who will continue to be paid in Germany.
This Van der Elst Visa allows you to work in the UK without a work permit. You must be working for an EU employer, your salary will be continued to be paid to you in Germany. For example a construction worker working in Germany will be travelling to the UK to provide a service on the behalf of his German employer because the German company has been contracted to carry out the work.

Processing times

Interview slots are allocated by the Consulate in some cases you may have to wait longer than 5 days depending on availability. Please apply no latest than four weeks before you intend to travel.

Processing times UK Van Der Elst Visa apply for


In general, the total price is calculated as follows, the Visas United service fee + consular fees + fee of the visacenter Teleperformance.

Visas United processing fee is € 199.

The consulate processing fee is free of charge.

There is only the fee for the visa application center and the visa application center scanning fee.
The return postage is not included in the visa application center fee. You have to pay €


for return postage. In addation the Visacenter charges €


for scanning your documents.


Due to the BREXIT the application for this visa category is not possible until further notice.

The company Visas United is an Agency that charges a fee to prepare your Visa application. Our company neither belongs to an Embassy, Consulate or any other official government department.

You can also apply for a visa independently. In which case you will be required to pay the consular fees to the consulate. Information about the respective consular fees and further information on independent applications can be found on the official website of the Embassy.